Agreed, delicious flavours are paramount however before I put fork to mouth I want to look down to something visually beautiful. Colours, flavours, textures and composition are all essential ingredients.

Developing new recipes, usually runs the line of deciding what main ingredient I want to use, followed by an opening of every cupboard and the fridge in the kitchen to see what flavours might compliment it and creating a meal around that ingredient.

With the diagnosis of a long list of intolerances and the ever so inconvenient Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), I found myself needing to adjust everything I consumed. Many of my favourite meals incorporated ‘intake to be avoided’ ingredients and with onion, garlic, gluten, lactose and most processed foods black listed, it was initially very difficult to develop interesting, flavoursome and creative meals. Fortunately, with time and a healthy dose of my mother’s determination and creativity I have developed new meal favourites that are even more delicious.

The principles governing my recipes are:

  • Spring onion replaces regular onion or you don’t need it
  • Always and forever without garlic
  • Mostly vegetables is a fabulous idea
  • Goats milk products I’m in love
  • Easy on the nuts
  • Processed is rarely a good idea

The most beautiful thing I have discovered over the past few years since my diagnosis, is that my tastebuds have developed a greater sensitivity to mother nature’s delicate and perfect flavours, all contained within her fruits and vegetables. What I once may have considered bland is now a richer flavour. Processed foods I can also smell some meters away, the sweetness of all the added sugar can be quiet intense and off putting.

My hope for this blog is to serve two key intentions. The first that it exists as a repository of all of my favourite recipes so that I don’t forget them myself and secondly as a means by which I can share food and a meal with you even if we never meet. Friends, I invite you to invite yourselves over for dinner.

Everything I publish here I love, my friends love (tested on them) and I hope you do too.


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